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Fiser City Manager
             Paul H. Fiser
            City Manager
            222 N. Main St
          Clyde, Ohio 43410

Jackie Hoppe
Administrative Secretary
222 N. Main St
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The City of Clyde, as provided in the City Charter, is a Council-Manager Government. The Manager's duty is to execute the laws and administer the government of the municipality. The Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and is responsible to Council for the proper administration of the Municipal Government. 

City Manager's Update to Council March 7th, 2017

The weather has allowed us to get a good head-start on the upcoming construction season and with each passing day, any extended Winter becomes less and less likely.

Down at Community Park, the department continues to excavate and stone the area around the new building in preparation for asphalt. Tomorrow, they will start to expand the Upper Parking Lot by the Enclosed Shelter House to the West. The General Services Department has also been busy in Community Park these past few weeks. After reviewing the inspection reports for the all of the "foot" bridges in the park, they are making numerous preventative maintenance repairs prior to Spring.

The Environmental Service Department (EVS) has also gotten the jump on multiple jobs with the benefit of great weather. They recently completed the city's third train canopy reproduction at their Watertower Drive Location. We would like to thank the Sandusky County Community Foundation for the generous donation that made this possible. EVS has also been busy preparing for their waterline replacement on East Cherry Street. They have installed the new tap at Main Street and the Church Street tap will be next. The department has also been performing numerous exploratory digs on Hamer Street in order to assist engineers with plan design.

The Elmdale/Mason/Midvale Storm Sewer, Phase III is ready for construction. The plans have been completed, reviewed and approved. The manhole and catch basin order was confirmed today and sent into production. The project should start no later than the end of March and runs South down Midvale to the intersection with Mason Street.

Clyde Light and Power CL&P) has recently completed Phase 1 of their city-wide LED streetlight conversion. They are estimating that four (4) phases will be needed for this project, each phase taking approximately one (1) year to complete. CL&P has also been very busy in their new cold storage building as they prepare to move our entire transformer inventory out of the weather and into the building for rack storage.

Finally, Columbia Gas has been meeting with us on multiple occasions and we have been exchanging countless plans as they attempt to upgrade their facilities ahead of our proposed 2017 projects. They also have a few upgrades planned that are independent of our work.

Misc. City-wide Updates
- The General Services took delivery of their new pickup approved at our last meeting
- We are up to approximately 681 MG of raw water in storage (77%+)
- February production at the Clyde Solar Energy Center was 277,415 kWh, up from 111,968 kWh in January. This upward trend should continue thru the August/September time frame

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