Arts & Entertainment Commission


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NameTerm Expires
Sarah CristFebruary, 2026
Shelby DavenportFebruary, 2025
Cheyenne RathbunFebruary, 2024
City ManagerEx Officio Member (non-voting)
Finance DirectorEx Officio Member (non-voting)


The Commission shall consist of a minimum of (3) three members and a maximum of (7) seven members who shall have been qualified electors of or shall have had their businesses or places of employment in the City of Clyde for a period of at least (3) three years preceding their appointment. New members shall be recommended for board membership by a majority vote of the Commission and appointed by a majority vote of City Council.

Members shall serve (4) four-year terms, with a maximum of (8) eight years as a member. Members that have met or exceeded the (8) eight-year maximum term limit, whether through contiguous or non-contiguous years, will no longer be eligible for membership and may only serve in a volunteer or mentorship capacity.

Members are encouraged and expected to mentor volunteers toward membership.


Members are expected to plan and lead projects. This is a working board. Volunteers are to be recruited by the member to assist with their project efforts. 

  • Determine locations, concepts, and action plans for seasonal beautification efforts. 
  • Coordinate public projects and events, publicity, and garner media attention for the project and event.
  • Participate in City Council meetings where public art, beautification, and/or public events are discussed; and communicate to Council on issues related to Commission projects.
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