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Mar 18

Wastewater Plant Featured

Posted on March 18, 2023 at 1:21 PM by Justin LaBenne

The Wastewater Treatment Plant was recently featured in Water Digest Magazine, discussing our installation of new rotating drum screens. These new screens have made a world of difference during the intake process. This will make life considerably easier for the equipment at the plant, reducing maintenance costs, reducing downtime, and increasing the life expectancy of costly equipment. 

During a week-long operation in 2022, Superintendent John Biggs and the Wastewater team removed 37 tons of debris from just one of the two oxidation ditches at the plant. Before these new screens were installed, rags and other debris would work their way through the process and plug pumps and other equipment. Now, despite several storm events, the new screen handle debris down to the size of a cigarette butt and the WWT team are now removing 1-2 cubic yards of debris per week before it reaches equipment. 

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Wastewater Plant Aerial

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