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Zoning - City of Clyde, Ohio
Zoning Department

Ken Winke
Zoning Inspector
Kenneth G. Winke


Zoning Office
Municipal Building - 2nd Flr.
222 N. Main St.
Clyde, Ohio 43410

Phone: (419) 547-3587
Fax: (419) 547-3586


8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Codified Ordinances
Part Eleven for Zoning Codes
Building Rebuilding/Replacing Relocating Homes Additions
Decks Porches Garages Sheds
Barns Pools Fences Gazebos
O.U.P.S Signs Home Businesses Remodeling Structure in 100-year Flood Plain
Garage Sales (available at Utility Office) Changing Use of a Building Roofs - Changing Height / Pitch / Overhang Making a Duplex from a Single Residence

       Permit Fee Schedule

       Form 101 - Basic Zoning Application

       Form 110 - Request For Zoning Variance

       Form 111 - Conditional Use Permit

       Permit to Install or Repair Sidewalks

       Applications for New Principal Buildings

       Applications for Water Service Connection

       Applications for Sewer Service Connection

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Window Replacement (except flat to bay) Siding a Structure Re-roofing (unless changing height, pitch or overhang) Concrete Patios Flat to the Ground and Driveways (except public sidewalk area through driveway)

Hot Topics/FAQ
Outdoor Furnaces - New regulations on outdoor furnaces went into effect 12/7/06. Be sure to check with the zoning office prior to purchasing an outdoor furnace

Swimming Pools - Code Sections 1127.02(123) and 1153.04 updated 10/2003

Summary of regulations pertaining to swimming pools:

Permit required for in-ground pools and above ground pools installed year-round. Six foot fence required around pool or entire yard within 24 hours of filling pool with water. Above ground pool may be used as barrier, with additional two-foot of fencing on top of and around the entire pool structure and ladders or steps used to access the pool shall be capable of being secured, locked or removed to prevent access. Pools must be in the rear yard and placed at least ten feet from any property line.

Portable pools: defined as pools that have the capacity to hold at least 18" of water, that may be readily disassembled for storage and is not permanently affixed to plumbing or electrical service. Permit is not required for portable pools, at least four foot high fence is required within 24 hours from pool being filled with water. Temporary fence does not require a permit, fence to be installed on a permanent basis requires zoning permit.

"Kiddie Pools" Any pool with a water capacity of 18" or less is exempt from the swimming pool regulations. Pools that have a capacity of greater than 18" are not exempt, even if they are only filled to a height of 18". If the capacity is greater than 18", the requirements above apply.

A zoning permit is required for construction and/or replacement of fencing. In residential and commercial zoning districts, fencing or screening within front yards yards shall not exceed 42" above the established front yard grade. Fencing or screening in side and rear yards shall not exceed more than 72" above the established yard grade. Mounding soil to elevate a fence higher than surrounding grade is prohibited. All fencing shall have the finished side, with no exposed structural supports, face toward the street right-of-way, or if placed on a property line, the finished side of the fence shall face the abutting property. Fencing in front yards must be placed at least five front in from the street right-of-way (property line) if fencing is solid in nature (visibility).

Detached Accessory Structures * Garages * Sheds * Gazebos * Decks *

Detached accessory structures are in most zoning districts and must be ten feet from side lot lines, and five feet from rear lot lines. Maximum height is fifteen feet, from the ground to the highest point.

Political Signs Code Section 11571157.03(e) No sign shall obstruct or interfere with traffic or traffic visibility

1157.03(f) Temporary signs shall not be illuminated

1157.03(g) No sign may project, or be mounted over any public street, sidewalk or on any public right-of-way

1157.03(i) No sign shall be placed, displayed or erected in the public right-of-way or on public property without written approval from the City Manager

1157.03(j) No snipe signs shall be placed erected or displayed within the City

1157.02(64) Snipe sign means a temporary sign or poster affixed to a tree, utility pole, fence, etc.

1157.03(o) No sign shall be erected or placed on any property without the consent of the owner.

1157.03(p) No sign shall be placed where it blocks or impedes sight lines for any person, pedestrian or operator of a vehicle on a public right-of-way, driveway or sidewalk.

Signs Permitted in all Districts without a Permit Code Section 1157.06

1157.06(e)(4) No temporary sign in any R-1, R-1A, R-2 or R-3 District shall exceed eight (8) square feet per sign face. No temporary sign in any other district shall exceed thirty-two (32) square feet per sign face.

1157.06(e)(5) Signs designated to be moved on trailer wheels, skids or similar devices shall be permitted as temporary signage, providing they are otherwise in conformance. 

1157.06(e)(6) Signs associated with a campaign, election or other civic affair provided that they do not exceed ten (10) square feet, shall be located no closer than five (5) feet from the right-of-way and are removed within five (5) days after the affair.

Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal Ordinance.pdf

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