Explore a list of various parks in Clyde Ohio.

Park Hours
Hendricks Park 5 am to 11 pm. All other parks 8 am to 10 pm.


Boats shall be permitted on the Municipal reservoir between the hours of 4 am and 10 pm only. All boats shall be of the type authorized under the laws of the State and must be duly licensed and operated pursuant to the laws of the State. Prior to the launching of any boat on the reservoir, the operator shall, each time such boat is launched, register at the Police Department. The police officer on duty may prohibit the launching of any boat if, in his opinion, the boat is not seaworthy.


  • 955.04 Swimming Prohibited - No person shall swim in either Raccoon Creek or Beaver Creek Reservoir at any time.
  • 955.05 Vehicles Prohibited near Reservoirs - No person shall drive, propel or operate a motor vehicle or other vehicle upon the road surrounding the perimeter of the Municipal reservoir at any time
  • 505.01 Dogs and Other Animals Running at Large - (b) No person being the owner of or having charge of any dog, or cat, whether wearing a registration tag or not, shall permit it to run at large upon any public place or upon the premises of another. No owner, keeper or harborer of any female dog or cat shall permit such dog or cat to go beyond the premises of such owner or keeper at any time such dog or cat is in heat, unless such dog or cat is properly in leash. The owner or keeper of every dog or cat shall at all times keep such dog or cat either confined upon the premises of the owner or keeper or under reasonable control of some person.
  • 505.17 Animal Waste - (b) No owner of any animal shall permit such animal to deposit waste upon public or private land in the City, other than that of the owner. (c) Any owner observing or learning of his or her animal depositing waste upon public or private land, other than that of the owner, shall immediately remove such waste from such land and dispose of such waste in an enclosed container.
  • 529.10 Intoxicants Prohibited on Grounds Under Control of the Recreation Board - 
    (a) No person shall have in his possession a bottle, flask or container containing intoxicating liquor or beer nor consume any intoxicating liquor or beer upon the premises or grounds.
    (Ord. 1578. Passed 5-19-53.)
    (b) Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.